Atul Tiwari news

  • Can ETF assets and mutual funds co-exist?

    Exchange Traded Fund assets and mutual funds can coexist, but when it comes to fees, there is one hands-down winner.

  • Advising the advisors on CRM2

    Long before advisors open the conversation with clients on the new CRM2 rules set to come into effect next summer, one company is prepping those same advisors on what that conversation should be

  • Is smart beta really the next best thing?

    The marketing of smart beta and factor-based investing is everywhere, leaving advisors wondering if the next best thing is really what their clients need – and more importantly, what they don’t

  • CETFA chair stresses investor education as key to success in ETF space

    As the Canadian Exchange Traded Fund Association marked its 25th anniversary, the newly elected chairman says there remains a great need for investor education given the predilection of that group turning to ETFs.

  • Placing a value on financial advisors

    Everyone beats the drum on best practices, but what is the value in following those to the letter? If you ask one investment management company, it can add 3 per cent in net returns for the client.

  • Clients don’t understand advisor compensation model

    There is a huge gulf between how advisors are paid and how investors think they are paid; indicating that advisors are not putting in enough effort in educating their clients about compensation.