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Wealth Professional spotlights 50 men and women who helped steer Canada’s investment industry through a tumultuous year

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Advisors tell Wealth Professional how they’re using eight different alternative investment strategies to add diversification and reduce volatility in their portfolios

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Despite the pandemic, the ETF industry continues to grow – and these eight products are part of the reason why

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Wealth Professional spotlights 50 Canadian advisors who made the most of a year filled with market volatility

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Experts look back at the biggest investment stories of 2020 – and offer predictions for what 2021 might bring

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Wealth Professional spotlights 50 men and women who have had a major impact on the wealth management industry over the past 12 months

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The leaders of eight of Canada’s top advisory teams explain how they’ve been able to achieve more with a collective approach than they ever could have on their own

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At a time when advisors are under pressure to do more than just select investments, what are the best ways to add value? WP takes a closer look at seven options