Financial Planning Standards Council

A new era for Canada’s financial planning profession

FP Canada's first woman president and CEO lays out vision of technology and diversity as keystones to the industry’s future

FP Canada chief to retire next June

President and CEO of professional financial-services body has overseen significant changes during long tenure

Financial planners put conflicts of interest in focus

FP Canada certificants must take proactive steps in resolving conflicts especially as client relationships evolve

Why it's time to get certified

Every existing financial certification has a purpose

FP Canada Standards Council publishes annual report

The report revealed key demographic figures as well as statistics on rising complaints

Striking a balance in retirement goals

Two trends in retirement planning paint opposite — and unrealistic — extremes for people to pursue

The worst mistakes retirees make with their nest eggs

Experts weigh in on the biggest errors in judgment people tend to make in retirement

'Significant step' towards job title protection

Industry body welcomes provincial Budget's commitment to ensuring 'financial planner' credential is mandatory

Be human or be out of work, CEO warns

Organisation repositions itself for the future and tells financial planners they must excel at all the things technology can’t do

Snowballing debt pushing Ontario millennials into insolvencies

Filing at a faster rate than other generations, generation Y debtors are turning to a risky solution