Northland Wealth Management

Office address: 504 - 2010 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, ON L6H 5R7
Year established: 2011
Company type: wealth management, investment advice
Employees: 11-50
Expertise: financial planning, family office, alternative investments, private equity, portfolio management, wealth management
Parent company: N.A.
CEO and key people: Arthur Salzer, CEO
Financing status: -

Northland Wealth Management is a family office based in Ontario whose main goal is to help grow and maintain generational wealth among its clients. Northland serves some of Canada’s wealthiest families, preventing “shirtsleeves-to-shirtsleeves in three generations.” Northland acts as a fiduciary to its clients, staying true to its promise: "we place your family first.”

Northland has two offices: its headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, and a western office in Calgary, Alberta.

History of Northland Wealth Management

Northland was established in 2011 in Oakville, Ontario. The company has the benefits of a boutique family office and the expertise and resources of a large wealth management firm. It gives unbiased and expert advice to ultra-high-net-worth families while having access to institutional and alternative investment managers.

In 2021, Northland won the Franklin Templeton Award for Advisory Team of the Year (10 staff or more) at the Wealth Professional Awards.

Products and Services of Northland Wealth Management

Northland offers a suite of products and services such as:

  • retirement planning
  • estate planning
  • risk management and insurance planning
  • investment management

Culture at Northland Wealth Management

Northland combines the qualities of a boutique firm – personal and detailed understanding of the client-family's needs – with the strengths of a large wealth management firm. It operates on an open-architecture platform, gaining access to the world’s best and most experienced asset managers.

When Northland says it places your family first, they really mean it. As fiduciaries, they act in their clients’ best interests – no one else’s.

Northland takes pride in its culture of open communication, transparency, and personalized service in helping its clients grow and retain generational wealth.

About Northland Wealth Management CEO Arthur C. Salzer

Arthur C. Salzer is a recognized expert in the family office space, having had 30 years of experience in the field. He is a member of the CFA Society, the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and the Family Enterprise Exchange (FEX). He has appeared as a resource person on media outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC, Financial Post, Globe & Mail, Washington Times, Wealth Professional Magazine,, CTV and CBC.

Salzer holds a BA in Economics from McMaster University. He is also a Certified Investment Manager and Chartered Financial Analyst.

The Future at Northland Wealth Management

Northland Wealth Management has won recognition and accolades over the years – not just in Canada, but also from other award-giving organizations abroad. It will continue to leave its mark on the family office niche by staying true to its mission: putting families first.  

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