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Top 10 Performing Mutual Funds in Canada to Look at Now

Here are the best-performing mutual funds in Canada for 2023. Some of them are well-known names, with a few surprises in the mix. Read on to learn more

IG Wealth Management launches SME owners advisory unit

The new service is led by the former leader of a similar business at Manulife

Lifetime ban, $145k fine for dealing rep who stole from client

Mutual fund rep misled firm when confronted about large transaction into his own account, says CIRO

ASC backs sanctions against ex-fund rep in ‘prank’ death case

Former dealing rep claims branch manager approved purchase orders from grandnephew trustee to deceased woman

BC advisor permanently barred for misappropriating funds

MFDA hands down six-figure fine and costs against fund rep who siphoned money from accounts while client was abroad

Ex-dealing rep permanently banned for embezzling client's money

MFDA finds former dealing rep misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars to farm commissions, pay debts

How Michael Lee-Chin is already investing in the future

Billionaire and renowned investor tells WPTV why new investment opportunities address 'some of humankind's most unmet needs'

Ex-dealing rep fined for switching client, 95, into DSC mutual fund

Advisor, who was fired by company, also failed to disclose he was in a deceased client's will

MFDA issues lifetime ban for errant ex-dealing rep

Self-regulator metes out half-million-dollar fine over findings of questionable outside dealings

5-Star Advisory Teams 2022

Through holistic financial planning, technological innovation, and emotional support, these teams represent the best the industry has to offer