Will Ashworth

Will Ashworth

Will is the senior writer for Wealth Professional Magazine's online site. Having spent almost a decade writing about U.S. investments and news, Will's enjoying the transition to a B2B environment. A big sports fan, Will hopes the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup before he's too old to enjoy the parade.

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Vanguard’s digital success ensures robo-advisor future

Taking digital advice by the horns in early 2015 it’s become a colossus in the field and in doing so cementing the future success of robo-advisors

Canadian currency better than you think

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Equity crowdfunding gets unexpected boost

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No recession yet say analysts

The latest poll taking the temperature of the Canadian economy has come out with a lukewarm endorsement but cautions on the future

New ETF plays to a senior audience

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Snapchat about to go robo

The popular instant photo and video sharing app is rumoured to be looking for ways to monetize its user base of millennials and digital investment advice could be a real possibility

ETF fees: How low can they go?

A major player in the Canadian ETF industry has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to investors accessing the U.S. market putting active mutual funds on notice

TFSA becoming preferred retirement vehicle

In the span of just six years the RRSP has gone from useful to useless when it comes to the average Canadian saving for retirement says tax expert

Five things advisors should know about Calpers annual report

While you might not think a California pension fund’s annual report can help you with your client portfolios, knowing these five points could make a big difference in their performance

Regulator has second thoughts on eliminating commissions

One of the biggest worries for Canadian securities regulators when it comes to eliminating commissions is the ‘gap’ in advice that’s occurred in other jurisdictions where they’ve done so