Industry News

  • Broadridgeon 26 Oct 2018 FinTechs and Millennials

    Steve Scruton discusses what FinTechs should offer millennials to give them wider investment options

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 10 Oct 2018 No middle ground

    From the first ETFs to today’s robo-advisor, change is forcing advisors to deliver more sophisticated wealth management solutions

  • Broadridgeon 05 Oct 2018 Decoding the millennial mindset

    Surprising insights and opportunities focused on the wealth industry’s next-gen client

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Oct 2018 Peak volatility

    Traditionally, the month of October has been a time to fasten your seat belt because volatility is higher in October than any other month

  • Broadridgeon 17 Sep 2018 Broadridge unveils platform for meaningful client connections

    Broadridge Smart Insights is the latest addition to Broadridge’s suite of integrated wealth management products

  • Broadridgeon 17 Sep 2018 Six ways digital wealth management is reinventing the lowly workstation

    As their wealth grows, investors will look beyond robo-advisors to bionic advisors with desktops and devices that provide them with more data, insight and intelligence.

  • Broadridgeon 17 Sep 2018 The hidden cost of postponing innovation

    In the midst of this pressure on creaking legacy systems, financial leaders are faced with many questions: which battle should I wage first? Should I update systems in-house with my own team? Or should I outsource them to a technology provider? And if so, which provider is the best for us?

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 13 Sep 2018 Rising short rate doesn’t mean bond disaster

    Of course, everyone knows that rising interest rates are bad for bonds, right? In reality, history shows a different conclusion concerning the impact of rising interest rates on a broadly diversified bond portfolio

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 07 Aug 2018 Reversing the performance difference

    The difference in performance between Canadian and U.S. stocks has been pronounced over the past few years in favour of U.S. stocks but that could be about to change

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Jul 2018 Uniquely Canadian

    Global value stocks have traditionally produced greater gains during good quarters and bigger declines through bad quarters but Canada is different in this regard than the rest of the world