Jason Pereira

The week that was – November 18-22

Highlights from a week of news and analysis at WP

New financial planning association launched

President tells WP that fee transparency is a central part of new organization's charter

How could commission-free trading impact advisors

Scrapping trading costs at discount brokerages will prompt soul-searching on compensation and business models

Why whistleblower 'bounties' necessary for industry integrity

Advisors react after OSC pays almost $7.5 million to three tipsters as part of programme to weed out gross misconduct

Global award for Toronto financial planner

Winner says recognition is a crucial differentiator when competing for business

Ontario's opposition puts embedded-commission ban in jeopardy

The provincial government’s public rejection has drawn strong reactions from experts and advocates

Focus on people not returns, advisors told

Financial planner says evidence does not back up majority of index-beating claims

Why Wealthsimple's 0% app is a 'genius' move

Financial planner says comparison of data will actually prove the value of good professional advice

'Zero-fee funds will be used as bait'

Advisor calls first 0% index-tracking fund the "door crasher special"

Commodity race means "investment jockeys" must evolve

Advisor says pressure on peers to provide value will only intensify