Christopher Doll

Innovation and Evolution in ETFs

ETFs continue to gain popularity with investors. Wealth Professional Canada talked to some of the country’s biggest ETF trend leaders to get their view on the current state of the ETF landscape

Two new ETF launches announced

Investors are expected to benefit from an active ETF and a laddered fixed-income ETF

Canadian investment firm changes ETF’s listing venue

The company is moving the fund away from the Toronto Stock Exchange

Canadian firm launches ETFs for yield-hungry investors

The two ETFs provide exposure to corporate bonds and real estate investment trusts

Indie investment firm expands income ETF offering

The firm is adding two new series to one of its most popular ETFs

Invesco doubles down on NEO Exchange

Christopher Doll talks about ETF industry trends and the advantages of listing products on the NEO Exchange

Independent investment firm adds to alternative exchange

The additions include two new ETFs and two new series