Wealth Professional Canada’s Top 50 Financial Advisors

Last year’s list was so well received by advisors there was no choice but to do it again in 2015.

Wealth Professional Canada’s Top 50 Financial Advisors
The time has come to announce the Wealth Professional Top 50 Advisors list a nod to Canada's best financial planner.

You’ve worked hard on behalf of your client’s throughout the past year. Now it’s time to bask in the recognition of this hard work. Making the top 50 is no easy task given how many quality financial advisors entered their data this year in order to qualify for consideration.

Making the top 50 is a feather in your cap. It tells your clients and your peers that you’re serious about your profession and the work that you do. You’ve arrived.  

For this year’s rankings Wealth Professional tightened up the methodology so only the cream of the crop made the cut.

In last year’s inaugural edition revenue and assets under management (AUM) were the two most heavily weighted criteria out of a total of six factors used to determine the top 50. Other criteria included client retention, new clients introduced to the business, new business as a percentage of total client base and AUM per client.

This year Wealth Professional chose to alter the ranking methodology slightly by focusing on AUM, revenue contributed to the business and AUM per client as the sole determining factors for qualifying as one of the Canada’s top 50 financial advisors.

We changed the methodology in response to all the feedback we received from financial advisors over the last 12 months from last year’s list.

As we look forward to presenting our third annual list of Canada’s top 50 financial advisors, we’re certain to receive feedback once more. It’s still a process very much in development.

Most importantly, Wealth Professional’s ranking recognizes all the fantastic work done by financial advisors coast-to-coast.

We appreciate all the submissions we received for this year’s list. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your participation. Hopefully, we’ll generate even more support for 2016’s list of Canada’s top 50 financial advisors.

Congratulations to Canada’s top 50 financial advisors!

  Name                                                Company
Arthur C. Salzer Northland Wealth Management
Reg Jackson JMRD Wealth Management Team
Lyle Rouleau Rouleau Investment Group
Michael Thor Thor Wealth Management Group
Tom Pownall Sigma Wealth
Donald A. Daggett Daggett Advisory Group
Sophie Lalonde Delgaty Lalonde Financial Group
Darren Luck Luck Financial Group
Peter Hodgson Hodgson and Associates
Pravin Kumar Pravin Kumar Group
Ted Rechtshaffen TriDelta Financial
John J. De Goey BBSL
Fred Hurdman Hurdman & Associates
Jeff Ber Ber Wealth Management
Kate Brown Brown Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities
Rona Birenbaum Caring for Clients
Luke Kratz The Kratz Group at CIBC Wood Gundy
Tim Pritchard The Pritchard Wealth Management Group
Sybil Verch The Verch Group
Eric Muir Muir Investment Team
Cory Tucker CIBC Imperial Service
Elie Nour Elie Nour Group
Adam Batstone Batstone Irwin-Lewis Private Wealth
Susan Andrighetti The Andrighetti Group
Laurie Bonten The Bonten Wealth Management Group
Gene King Summit Private Wealth
David Sutherland CIBC Wood Gundy
AJ Chase AJChase PrivateWealth Group
Wolfgang Klein The Wolf on Bay Street
Kirk Brugger Brugger Wealth Management
Gordon Stockman Efficient Wealth Management
Chet Brothers Brothers & Company Financial
Wayne Townsend Lawton Partners
David J Ritcey The Ritcey Team
Diane McCurdy McCurdy Financial Planning Inc.
Ryan Meadows CIBC Imperial Service
Cyrilla Saunders Saunders Wealth Advisory Group of CIBC Wood Gundy
Robert McClelland The McClelland Financial Group
Diana Bristow Bristow Financial Group
Scott Plaskett IRONSHIELD Financial Planning
Brian Lonsdale Lonsdale Financial Group
John Woodfield Raymond James
Brendan Donahue  
Sahfik Hirani Sahfik Hirani's Private Wealth Managment Practice
Don Emond Assante Financial Management Ltd
Jason Periera  
Lorne Kronish Assante
Rob Tetrault Rob Tetrault Wealth Management Group
Tim Niblet Tim Niblett/Cuttaxes
Lewis Rosen Rosen Group Private Wealth Management
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