Énska Advisors launches as first indigenous real estate firm

Wes Hall and Tim Coldwell aim to transform real estate, targeting community wealth and inclusivity

Énska Advisors launches as first indigenous real estate firm

Wes Hall and Tim Coldwell have established Énska Advisors, marking the inception of Canada's first Indigenous real estate advisory and governance practice.

This announcement introduces a unique approach to utilizing real estate supply chains to support 50,000 youth by the year 2050 with their “Fifty by 50” initiative.

Hall, known for his roles as a long-time investor, philanthropist, and television personality on Canada's Dragons' Den, collaborates with Coldwell, who is a member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and a professional engineer.

Their combined efforts aim to offer services to a diverse clientele including First Nations, investment funds, family offices, various levels of government, and nonprofits, focusing on building community wealth through real estate.

The name Énska, meaning “one” in Mohawk, reflects the founders' belief in unity and collective action for change. The firm is built on the vision of leveraging real estate to enhance community wealth, according to Coldwell, president of Énska.

Énska Advisors is structured around three main services:

  • Real Estate Advisory: Providing guidance in site selection, developing business cases for projects, securing financing, and optimizing supply chain strategies.
  • Project Governance: Building and leading projects with teams composed of visionary leaders equipped with executive presence and deep industry knowledge.
  • Indigenous Capital: Offering advisory services to First Nations interested in the real estate, construction, or clean energy sectors to foster economic self-determination.

Hall highlighted Coldwell's significant experience in project delivery and his status as one of the few Indigenous individuals in Canada to have scaled a national technical builder. This foundation aims to enhance BIPOC participation in major capital projects.

Énska distinguishes itself by offering solutions that reduce development costs without compromising on social and environmental outcomes, a strategy that allows clients to report project benefits confidently.

“Doing the right thing often comes with a price tag,” Coldwell notes, asserting that Énska's approach eliminates this premium.

The company advocates for the adoption of modern construction methodologies to improve productivity and, consequently, reduce the costs associated with development.

Coldwell referred to the historical decline in construction productivity, suggesting that addressing this trend could lead to significant savings.

As a certified Indigenous business and a pending B-Corp, Énska Advisors sets out to impact the Canadian real estate sector by prioritizing inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and community development.