IPF unveils inaugural board for indigenous empowerment

IPF announces its first board of directors, marking a key step in advocating Indigenous prosperity

IPF unveils inaugural board for indigenous empowerment

The Indigenous Prosperity Foundation (IPF) has recently announced its inaugural Board of Directors, a significant step in its initiative to promote Indigenous empowerment and economic prosperity, as reported in Newswire Canada.

This foundation, established by the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA) in collaboration with Indigenous Financial Institutions (IFIs) across Canada, is dedicated to supporting underserved Indigenous communities, particularly focusing on women, youth, and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Its initiatives are centered on training, mentorship, Internet and technology access, seed capital, and capacity building.

The newly formed board is composed of leaders who are committed to addressing systemic barriers and maximizing the potential of Indigenous entrepreneurship.

Bobbie Racette, the inaugural Chair of IPF's board of directors and founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus and VG OnDemand, is recognized for her visionary leadership and extensive entrepreneurial experience.

Her commitment to equity and inclusivity is in line with IPF's mission of empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and fostering economic prosperity.

Jennifer Sloan, Mastercard Canada's senior VP of Public Policy and Stakeholder Engagement, brings a vast range of expertise in governance, government relations, media, and stakeholder management to the board.

Her background in leadership and advocacy, as well as her experience working on boards like the Canadian American Business Council and Music Canada, reflects her dedication to driving social impact and economic empowerment for underserved communities.

Sharon Redsky, a member of the Shoal Lake #40 First Nation and principal of Redsky Fundraising, contributes her extensive experience in fundraising, proposal development, and partnership building.

Her recent educational achievements, including a Master Certificate in Project Management and a Certificate in Indigenous Evaluation, further enhance her capacity to effectuate meaningful change within Indigenous communities.

Abdullah Snobar, as the executive director of DMZ and CEO of DMZ Ventures, adds his wealth of expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation to the board.

His role in supporting over 820 startups to raise $2.58bn in capital positions him as a key driver for impactful change within IPF, particularly in addressing underrepresentation in entrepreneurship and fostering economic growth.

Keith Matthew's experience as CEO of Seklep Business Services and board director of NACCA brings valuable insights into economic development, governance, and community leadership, which are pivotal in fostering economic self-sufficiency for Indigenous communities.

Bobbie Racette, speaking as the chair of the board, expressed her vision for the Indigenous Prosperity Foundation: “As chair of the board, my vision for the Indigenous Prosperity Foundation is to build a future on our own terms, where Indigenous entrepreneurs lead the way to prosperity for our communities,” highlighting the goal of creating successful paths rooted in unique strengths, culture, and values.

Shannin Metatawabin, CEO of NACCA, welcomed the new board, stating, “It is with great pride and excitement that we welcome the inaugural board of directors of Indigenous Prosperity Foundation. Their leadership will be crucial in empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and building a prosperous future for Indigenous communities. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each Director for stepping up to this important role.”