Engaging with HNW individuals remotely

Seven ways to spark a connection with prospective wealthy clients in lockdown

Engaging with HNW individuals remotely
Bryce Sanders

Spring is in the air. We aren’t out of the woods yet. Life is still like living on the International Space Station. You can talk with people, you just can’t be in the same room that easily. As a successful advisor, you understand the importance of raising your visibility in the HNW community. You’ve joined the right organizations.  ou just haven’t attended any events for about a year. Silently, you smile because you saved all that money on gala tickets.

You need to engage with these HNW folks in the current environment. Here are a few suggestions.

Attend those online lectures

Many nonprofits have put on programs of live lectures using Zoom or similar technology. I’ve attended ones on “Fast Cars and Slow food” (Italy) and “The Life of Sean Connery.”  Yes, they can be entertaining!

Opportunity:  You have a reason to call your HNW friends: “Are you attending tomorrow night.”  During the event you might be visible in the “Gallery view.”  Afterwards you call your friend to ask what they thought of the program.  

Game nights

Friends of ours organized a Saturday night dance party (now in it’s 48th week) presented via Zoom.  They also have Wednesday and Thursday board game nights, also through Zoom.  A dance party might not sound like your idea of an “at home good time” yet over 50% of the time is attendees talking amongst themselves, catching up.  Occasionally they “share screen” to show pictures of charity galas they attended.

Opportunity:  Reach out to you HNW friends.  Are they doing something similar?  Ask who is involved.  When you say: “I know him.  Her too!” they will likely say: “You must join us!”  Now you are in.

Weekly Zoom calls

You might be suffering from Zoom fatigue. Guess what? You have lots of distractions in your life. Working from home. Home schooling. Your older HNW friends are used to multiple cruises, European vacations and shuttling between vacation homes during an average year.  Now they are sitting at home staring at each other. They are so bored! 

Opportunity:  Reconnect. Start with virtual cocktails. After 52 weeks, it’s a cliché, but it’s a starting point. We have daily calls with different folks, usually Wednesdays through Sunday.  We nearly fell over when one couple sent us a Fortnum & Mason hamper at Christmas!

The biweekly update e-mails

We enjoy cruising. We have friends near and far. Typically we send a quarterly e-mail with updates on our lives along with a Christmas card in December. Because of the pandemic, these are now biweekly e-mails. Your connections like you for a reason. They want to stay in touch. Make it easy.

Opportunity:  Draft a personal, yet general e-mail.  Send it individually to the 20+ people you would be seeing at community events.  Be patient.  Some respond quickly, others take time.  Some never do.  UK friends sent a message asking “What should we do with our money?  The shoeboxes under the bed are getting crowded.”


Sharing jokes might seem juvenile, but it‘s much more acceptable that politically focused e-mails. 

Opportunity: When you come across a great joke, share it with your HNW friends, one by one. They are likely “too lazy” to retype it like you di, but will probably she it with their friends by forwarding your e-mail. This is personal, not business correspondence, of course.

Dining out

It comes back in fits and starts. In our area, capacity is 25 – 50%. Lots of social distancing.  Your area has certain restaurants you would classify as “see and be seen” places. Take your spouse or significant other out to dinner from time to time.

Opportunity:  Dress well.  You will likely see other couples you haven’t encountered face to face.  They are sitting at their own table, socially distanced from others.  Observing protocols, wave and say hello.  Maybe you buy them a round of drinks.  They will remember they saw you at a classy place. 

Attend committee meetings

Your non-profit has realized “the show must go on.” Various committees still meet, usually via zoom call.  Board meetings still happen.  Attend and participate, just like you did in 2019.  You will see your fellow attendees on the Zoom gallery view.

Opportunity:  Attend as many meetings as you can.  Dre4ss well.  Be sure your background looks professional.  No unmade beds.  Ask questions.  On Zoom, when you speak, the focus goes to you.  You are on stage!  People will see a professional in business dress, taking their responsibilities seriously. 

We humans Are very adaptable. We figure out how to get things done during challenging times.  It’s not that hard to stay connected within the HNW community, even when you are stuck at home.

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.  He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services industry.  His book, “Captivating the Wealthy Investor” can be found on Amazon.