Carbon Streaming and IG forge net-zero portfolio partnership

IG Climate Action Portfolios will be among the first Canadian funds to offset asset emissions through carbon credits

Carbon Streaming and IG forge net-zero portfolio partnership

Carbon Streaming Corporation and IG Wealth Management are collaborating to Canadian investors access to a suite of solutions that align with the global effort to achieve net-zero emissions.

The partnership gives rise to the IG Climate Action Portfolios a collection of four globally diversified managed investment products that help clients support the world's transition to net-zero emissions while also capitalizing on the possibilities that come with it.

The portfolios are designed to provide exposure to different climate-related strategies that are expected to help the world and deliver a range of outcomes, including capital preservation and income, as well as long-term capital appreciation.

Under the agreement with Carbon Streaming, the portfolios' estimated emissions will be mitigated through the purchase and retirement of carbon credits.

"Teaming up with IG, one of Canada's leading wealth management firms, on this initiative is an exciting and vital innovation we are proud to facilitate for Canadian investors," Carbon Streaming CEO Justin Cochrane said in a statement. "This collaboration delivers on two of our key strategic pillars, establishing partnerships for climate action and furthering global net-zero."

Carbon credits from the world-renowned Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve have been purchased and retired in consideration of the first year of the portfolios’ emissions. Rimba Raya is one of the world's largest peat swamp forest conservation initiatives, averting deforestation of area previously designated for palm oil plantations.

The project region is home to one of the last remaining wild populations of orangutans on the planet, in addition to livelihood programs in local villages that achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

"We are thrilled to work with Carbon Streaming to offer Canadians a truly impactful way to support climate action while planning for their financial future," said Damon Murchison, President and CEO, IG Wealth Management.

"By leveraging Carbon Streaming's expertise, we are able to advance our goal of transitioning the IG Climate Action Portfolios to net-zero emissions and provide our clients with the opportunity to have a positive impact on our planet," Murchison said.