Teladoc Health adds mental health to Johnston Group partnership

Expansion of long-time collaboration to especially benefit small businesses and indigenous groups

Teladoc Health adds mental health to Johnston Group partnership

One of Canada’s leading telemedicine providers is bolstering its partnership with a niche group insurance administrator.

Teladoc Health Canada has broadened its nearly 20-year collaboration with leading Canadian group health benefits and group insurance administrator Johnston Group to cover mental health care.

"The pandemic has appropriately put a spotlight on mental health, with statistics now showing that 1 in 3 Canadians will experience mental health illness during their lifetime,” Joby McKenzie, managing director at Teladoc Health Canada, said in a statement.

McKenzie emphasized the impact for thousands of people, including Canadian small business owners and employees, including organizations with Indigenous people, who traditionally have less access to mental health benefits.

“This expanded partnership will help thousands of people, particularly those who traditionally have less access to mental health benefits, i.e. Canadian small business owners and employees, and Indigenous organizations across Canada, get help when they need it the most."

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Employees of more than 30,000 small businesses, 300 larger businesses, and 350 Indigenous organizations across Canada have access to extended health and dental benefits, disability and life insurance through the Johnston Group's plan, which is administered by Teladoc Health Canada since 2004.

The addition of Teladoc Health mental health services offers a stepped approach to care consisting of three services:

  • MyStrength is a flexible and comprehensive self-serve digital mental health program with proven tools and dedicated support for areas including stress, depression, and sleep;
  • Mental Health Navigator, a service that offers in-depth reviews of current patient diagnoses and treatments with a customized plan and guidance from a "navigator"; and
  • Mental Health Care, which provides members with access to treatment from provincially licensed psychologists and therapists.

When these options are combined, people can access the personalized mental health care they need at the time and in the manner most suitable for them.

Dave Angus, president of Johnston Group Inc, said: "Traditionally, small businesses and Indigenous organizations have less access to quality, affordable coverage, which is why we began offering our plans over 40 years ago."

"In expanding our partnership to include mental health services, Johnston Group offers a telemedicine solution that includes both general medical and mental health care from the same digital platform, making it easy for members to get the care they need, when they need it."