Empire Life releases new, improved web-based illustrator

With no downloads necessary, eVision provides advisers with a better approach to run illustrations

Empire Life releases new, improved web-based illustrator

Empire Life has introduced a new improved web-based illustrator designed to simplify and accelerate insurance illustrations for advisors.

"Our vision was to enhance the insurance illustration process to continue to improve the digital life insurance application process," says Mike Stocks, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Retail. "The eVision Insurance Illustrator ('eVision') builds on the success of our familiar Envision web and desktop versions that advisors have used for years and adds additional features based on their feedback."

The internal development team concentrated on eight key changes to streamline an advisor's capacity to run graphics with a focus on contemporary, usability design concepts. They include:

  • Simultaneously opening two input panels for joint or multiple-life policies;
  • Adding a fresh, comprehensive overview of life insurance taxes for Solution Series term life insurance;
  • The ability to establish the corporate owner early in the process;
  • An updated user interface and Summary Pane that adheres to contemporary design principles and provides a straightforward, quick, and easy user experience;
  • Modern, simple-to-read client reports that may be effortlessly explained to clients over the phone;
  • Depending on the chosen ownership type, the top marginal or corporate tax rate will be automatically filled in by province;
  • When inputs to the illustrations are changed, the summary computation is refreshed in real-time;
  • Making estimates both for the coverage amount and the premium accurate

The popular Fast & Full electronic life application procedure is seamlessly linked with the mobile-first, responsive web platform that eVision uses.

No downloads or installations are necessary because eVision is a web-based solution. Automatic and ongoing software updates are availablea, and any computer with any operating system (whether iOS or Windows) can access eVision.

"We knew that building an in-house solution could take longer but it would provide us more flexibility to respond to user feedback more quickly in the future,” Stocks said. “One of the keys to success of high Fast & Full advisor adoption is that we listen to feedback from users and make continuous improvements based on that feedback. The eVision Insurance Illustrator launch is the latest in over 4,000 enhancements we've made since launching our electronic application."

Following this launch, the company anticipates that even more advisors will use the web-based, digital products, such as the new eVision Insurance Illustrator, the Fast & Full Life Application, and the advisor portal.