Industry News

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 07 Aug 2018 Reversing the performance difference

    The difference in performance between Canadian and U.S. stocks has been pronounced over the past few years in favour of U.S. stocks but that could be about to change

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 04 Jul 2018 Uniquely Canadian

    Global value stocks have traditionally produced greater gains during good quarters and bigger declines through bad quarters but Canada is different in this regard than the rest of the world

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 06 Jun 2018 THE downside of market timing - missing out!

    Trying to avoid a bear market can come at a very steep price: missing out on further gains if you get it wrong

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 03 May 2018 Closing the gap

    Dividend paying stocks have been very popular with investors in recent years due to weak returns in the bond market. That picture appears to be shifting in Canada for the first time in almost a decade

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 24 Apr 2018 Are you a fiduciary?

    The fiduciary standard is getting a lot of attention in the United States once again as the Department of Labour’s rule requiring advisors to act in the best interests of their clients was denied by an appeals court

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 03 Apr 2018 Great expectations?

    Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions investors will likely make. There are a number of risk factors related to the type of investments used as well as their mix which makes determining the appropriate capital market assumptions necessary

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 22 Mar 2018 The times are changing

    There is no way to have absolute clarity about how things will evolve, but there are several big picture items that advisors can begin to prepare to deal with

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 07 Mar 2018 Stock sectors after rate hikes

    While rising rates tend to signal stronger economic conditions and inflationary pressures, they can also have a meaningful impact on stock market sector returns

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 05 Feb 2018 Shifting importance

    Eventually this bull market will break its long winning streak but that does not mean you should be abandoning everything and running for the hills?

  • Provisus Wealth Managementon 03 Jan 2018 The Two Sides Of January

    Most investors have heard of the January Effect which is the observation that January has historically been one of the best months to be invested in stocks. However there is another January Effect which states that, “as goes January, so goes the year”