Industry News

  • Transcendon 05 Sep 2017 Crises are buying opportunities

    Investors should not compound a crisis by doing something ill-advised with their portfolio. As always, patience is often rewarded

  • Transcendon 02 Aug 2017 Stocks rally after rate hikes

    BOC has just implemented its first interest rate hike since 2010 which means a lot of investors are grabbing their crystal balls trying to forecast the future course of the stock market

  • Transcendon 06 Jul 2017 Commodities Bottom Out

    While Canadian equity markets are slightly off the record highs set in February 2017, commodities, relatively speaking, are dirt cheap

  • Transcendon 22 Jun 2017 Motivated to Perform

    How do you motivate people? Countless studies have indicated the same basic fact: people are not usually motivated by money alone

  • Transcendon 05 Jun 2017 Don't sell in May; Settle in

    Stock investors often hear about “sell in May and go away” around this time of year. It implies that investors should sell their stocks in early May and buy them back in late October at a lower price

  • Transcendon 24 May 2017 Is passive now passé?

    Time after time the story seems to be the same, active investment management on average does not beat its benchmark. This is generally true, especially in instances where the impact of fees is severe or a host of other reasons that have been well documented

  • Transcendon 10 May 2017 First Pay-for-Performance™ Wealth Management Service in Canada hits key milestones

    Only one year after launching to the market, Transcend proves to Canadian investors its innovation, while continuing to push for greater fee transparency

  • Transcendon 03 May 2017 Finding income

    What are the options for those looking for good yields while being able to take advantage of higher rates in the future?

  • Transcendon 19 Apr 2017 Canadian stocks in great shape

    Why are investors still waiting for a correction? Some investors would like to see a pullback to cool off the white hot equity markets, but they may have to wait a little longer

  • Transcendon 10 Apr 2017 Stocks decline all the time; so what?

    Stock markets have been getting a little choppy lately. Is it time to panic?