Flow-through mining LP launched for high-net-worth investors

New offering including national class units and Quebec class units expected to yield tax benefits

Firm announces mid-market debt fund

The product, normally reserved for institutional investors, will be launched for advisors

Final batch of Wealth Professional Awards finalists revealed

Not seen your category in the list of Wealth Professional awards yet? Now we can reveal the final set of contenders

Advisors revel in victory at WP Awards

This first outing for the WP Awards cut a wide swath across the advisor channel, with winners in 21 categories drawn from across this country.

Wealth Professional and Invesco go to bat for Nepal

The Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Invesco will not only raise the profile of leading advisors from across Canada but also funds for Nepal Earthquake survivors.

Finalists for the WP Awards brought to you by Invesco

The second round of finalists for the Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Invesco have been revealed – have you made the cut?

Second opinions grow for fee-based advisors

One advisor is already meeting with an increasing number of clients seeking a second opinion and suggests the threat of CRM2 full disclosure is anything but overblown.