CI Assante Wealth Management

CI Assante Wealth Management: A leading financial partner for your business 

Office address: 15 York Street, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON, M5J 0A3 
Year established: 1995 
Company type: Wealth management, financial planning, estate planning, investments, succession planning, legacy planning 
Employees: 991 
Expertise: Finance 
Parent company: CI Fund Management Inc. 
CEO and key people: Sean Etherington, President 
Financing status: corporate backed or acquired 

CI Assante Wealth Management takes pride in offering complete wealth management solutions for Canadians. Its goal is to create wealth and prosperity for Canadian families. The company has 900 wealth advisors who manage around $46 billion in assets across the country. 

History of CI Assante Wealth Management 

CI Assante Wealth Management has been a prominent player in the financial services industry, offering a wide range of wealth management solutions.  

Established in 1995, the company has steadily grown and evolved to become a trusted and reliable partner for businesses seeking expert financial advice and customized solutions. 

Products and Services of CI Assante Wealth Management 

CI Assante offers an extensive suite of products and services for its clientele. Some of their key offerings include: 

  • Investment management 

  • Financial planning services 

  • Retirement solutions 

  • Risk management and insurance 

  • Legacy and estate planning 

CI Assante relies on certain safeguards to protect their clients’ assets: strong corporate backing, security safekeeping features, strict industry standards, and industry-wide protection. With these measures in place, the wealth and legacy of their clients are safe – now and in generations to come. 

Culture at CI Assante Wealth Management 

CI Assante’s core values of integrity, passion and professionalism are at the heart of everything they do.  

CI Assante uses its expertise and resources to create wealth for Canadians in a personal, meaningful way. The company believes in putting their clients' interests first, aligning their success with the prosperity of the businesses they serve.  

About CI Assante Wealth Management President Sean Etherington 

Sean Etherington, President of CI Assante Wealth Management, is a visionary leader with a wealth of experience in the financial services industry. Drawing from his extensive background in finance and business management, Sean has played a pivotal role in elevating Assante's prominence in the market. 

Sean Etherington is part of Wealth Professional’s Hot List 2021

The future at CI Assante Wealth Management 

Assante Wealth Management stands as a reliable and innovative partner for businesses seeking expert financial guidance. The company's commitment to excellence and integrity remains unwavering, making Assante Wealth Management a preferred choice for businesses looking to secure their financial future. 


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