Questrade news

  • Wealth management, robo-advisors, and the future of investing

    Some in the financial services industry believe that a large gap exists between traditional financial advice and do-it-yourself investing. The question is whether this gap – real or perceived – needs to be filled. WP asks Questrade CEO Edward Kholodenko to weigh-in on the subject.

  • Another robo-advisor goes nationwide

    The competition for passive investors just got a little more heated Monday. Is 2015 the year robo-advisors kick full service brokers to the curb? Possibly; here’s why.

  • Questrade enters robo-advisor fray

    The total number of automated advisors in Canada now totals six. How does the newest entrant compare with those already in the marketplace? WP takes a look.

  • Weekly Wrap: From the Regulators

    The latest developments on industry regulation from across the country.