Portfolio manager
Years in the industry: 11

When it came time to decide where his life was headed after finishing school, Sean Moir identified his strengths and asked how they could translate into a career. His father was in the advisory business, so he already had an insight into that world, which dovetailed nicely with his skill set.

“I’ve always been fond of listening; I thought in high school that I might want to venture into the therapy field, but I wasn’t gifted in science, so that was out,” Moir says. “This business involves a lot of listening – it’s important to understand who your client is and what their goals are in order to identify a solution.”

Fast-forward 11 years: Moir is now approaching veteran status at Mandeville Private Client, and he has a few thoughts on where wealth management is headed.

“It’s going to be tough to fight the perception that cheaper is always better,” he says. “Having a dedicated partnership between an advisor and a client is expensive, yet rewarding for all parties over the long term. Fighting to get that point across will be tough in the face of smartphone solutions to access low-cost, vanilla investing options that completely forget that this business is 80% psychology and 20% math.”

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