Grant White

3 Big Questions... with Grant White

The latest in our series features Grant White, Portfolio Manager/Financial Planner at Endeavour Wealth Management - IA Securities, who talks investment strategies and tips to make sure retirement plans survive the crisis.

Are planners about to get the respect they deserve?

Raging bull market covered up lack of planning and COVID-19 crisis has provided profession with a chance to shout their value from the rooftops

How wealth advisors can help clients feel secure in their investments

In this period of uncertainty, being prepared allows advisors to respond appropriately

Does pandemic have you second guessing investing in your business?

Advisor explains four ways to evaluate your decision-making during this time of crisis

COVID-19: Are you taking advantage of opportunities beyond the markets?

Three tips to help advisors go deeper than money talk and alleviate client stress during the pandemic

How many clients have you been in touch with?

Advisor explains three ideas to help you keep in touch with clients and alleviate stress load

What did we learn from the Great Recession?

Advisor outlines three changes he made after 2008-09 and explains how they are helping guide clients through COVID-19 crisis

Are you prepared for the market downturn?

The Whiteboard: how should advisors communicate with ‘Nervous Nellies’ during market sell-offs?

Why do clients fire their advisors?

The Whiteboard: addressing the primary reason clients leave you and how to minimize those losses

What the world can teach us about wealth management

The Whiteboard: true integrated planning and fee retainers are just two areas where other countries can inspire Canadian firms