O'Leary's next reality TV venture?

O'Leary's next reality TV venture?

O Kevin O’Leary left CBC’s Dragon’s Den. But it begs the question: What other reality show would be a good fit for the polarizing Canadian and former industry player?

What’s My Line?

This show, which ran from 1950-1967, featured a famous “mystery guest” with an unusual occupation. Panellists would adorn masks while asking the guest yes or no questions about his or her job. Imagine O’Leary as the mystery guest: the wine-making, software developing, fund founding, TV personality would certainly stump the panellists.


This one is almost too easy. On the Dragon’s Den, O’Leary proved himself to be brash, strategic, confident and influential; the power he could potentially wield as he forms the island’s most powerful alliance would be limitless. He’s also proven time and again that he has the ability to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition.

Blades of Steel

Growing up Canadian, it’s safe to assume O’Leary has strapped on a pair of skates once or twice in his life. Couple him with Tessa Virtue and the pair would certainly be one of the favourites to take home reality gold.

Fear Factor

O’Leary has proven his mettle and bravery in the venture capitalist world and it would be interesting to see if he brings with him the same determination to conquer lying in beds of creepy crawling bugs and death-defying feats.

American Idol

We know he’s no stranger to guitar, but does he have the pipes to match his axe skills? His equally brash reality TV counterpart, Simon Cowell, pulls no punches and seeing the two square off in a battle of insults would definitely be worth the price of admission.