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Echelon names investment banking head

Seasoned veteran joins the independent wealth management and capital-markets firm

Bank of Canada announcement

The central bank reveals its rate decision

Fed rate decision comes in

The Federal Reserve announced its benchmark rate target Wednesday afternoon; did it prove predictions right?

Watch: Ryan Gosling explains the market collapse using Jenga

“That can’t be right … the ratings agencies, the banks, the government? You’re saying they’re all asleep at the wheel?”

BoC announces rate

The latest central bank decision is in – but does it align with analyst predictions?

Big banks giving breaks to foreign investors

An investigative report is highlighting the role some financial advisors may have played in helping Chinese nationals spirit millions of dollars out of their country and into Canadian real estate among other key investments

Fed minutes hint at rate hike

The Fed minutes from its July 28-29 meeting, released Wednesday afternoon, reveal a rate hike is still in the cards but that a hard date has not yet been reached

BoC rate decision comes in

The Bank of Canada has lowered its overnight rate to 1/2 per cent.

Wealth advisors defect to mortgage brokering

Advisors-turned-mortgage brokers expect more will follow their lead, leaving CRM2 change behind.

Carrying a mortgage a smart investing move

Your high-net worth clients are proudly Canadian but are increasingly following in the steps of their American counterparts in choosing to carry forward their mortgages well past their ability to retire them.