​The greatest Canadian investor is… 'Other'!

Our poll offered a list of some of the most celebrated investors in the country. But it was one name that so many of you gravitated to.

​The greatest Canadian investor is… 'Other'!
Since the beginning of the week WPs been asking advisors who they think is the greatest Canadian investor of all time. Although we gave readers a trio of names: Paul Desmarais, Stephen Jarislowsky and Prem Watsa, a good number of advisors selected “other” when it came to actually voting.

In fact, 21% of the respondents had another name in mind; legends such as Goodman, Sprott, Pattison, Tattersall, Caldwell, and Mersch. The list is a long one.

So, while we’ve closed the poll on our home page, we’re asking advisors who’ve voted "other" to now specifiy who exactly they tap as the greatest investor the country has ever known. Click here to do just that.

When we accumulate a long enough list (20 names or more), we’ll run an elimination contest similar to March Madness culminating in the crowning of Canada’s greatest investor… of all time.