TDAM and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. join forces

Integrated asset management skills combine under new global brand

TDAM and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. join forces

The institutional asset management divisions of TD Asset Management Inc. and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. have unveiled a new strategic plan, as well as a new name for its global distribution network: TD Global Investment Solutions (TDGIS). TD Epoch will include Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. and its investing capabilities.

"We are excited to launch our new global identity as it builds on the strengths of our North American asset management franchise," said Bruce Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, TD Asset Management Inc. and TD Epoch.

TDGIS will extend its solutions in current and new jurisdictions and provide the combined capabilities of TDAM and TD Epoch to the global investment community. Institutional investors will receive the combined knowledge and experience in alternative investments, stocks, and fixed income (in certain jurisdictions) from TDGIS.

"TDAM and TD Epoch collaborating under one umbrella will strengthen our relationships with our investment teams, foster innovation and enhance our ability to bring forward relevant products and solutions to the markets and our valued clients while giving our institutional business a competitive global and domestic advantage."

TDGIS is a crucial step in TDAM and TD Epoch's worldwide expansion, and it will capitalize on the momentum and expansion of its institutional business to offer investment solutions that satisfy the demands of customers. The investing operations of TDAM and TD Epoch, including the personnel committed to those operations as well as the leadership, principles, and methods of investing, remain unaltered by the introduction of TDGIS.

Retail and intermediate firms are unaffected by the TDGIS modifications, which solely apply to the institutional activities of TDAM and TD Epoch.

TDGIS strengthens and streamlines the services that TDAM and TD Epoch provide to institutional investors by combining all of their capabilities under a single marketing umbrella. This framework will promote improved client connections, flexible participation, and better engagement standards.

The Distribution Team can also offer a broadened capability set to institutional possibilities in various markets.

"With TDGIS, we will continue to put our clients first – by collaborating, innovating and creating strong relationships to deliver customized solutions and aim to provide better client outcomes," continued Cooper. "This new venture will market our leading and innovative capabilities to the global institutional investing community and help us achieve our vision of becoming the leading asset manager in Canada, with a growing global presence."

TD Global Investment Solutions represents TD Asset Management Inc. and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. TDAM and TD Epoch are affiliates and wholly owned subsidiaries of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.