How Nicola Wealth aims to create ‘female empowerment community’

With its significant corporate resources, investment firm wants to help advance females in our community

How Nicola Wealth aims to create ‘female empowerment community’

Nicola Wealth is raising its brand recognition in Ontario by holding a gala event that celebrates and empowers women in what it hopes will soon become an empowerment movement. 

“We’ve spent 25 years creating a trusted brand in Vancouver, and we’re much earlier on that curve in Toronto,” Danielle Skipp, Nicola Wealth’s managing director in Ontario and chief legal officer, told Wealth Professional. “So, we’re hosting these larger events to allow us to showcase our brand by showing that we’re a community partner.

“There are so many women supporting women groups out there, and I believe there’s room for all of them. One of the things that we’re doing with our Women’s LEAD project is uncovering other women-to-women platforms that we can collaborate with, and we’re showcasing two at our event.”

Nicola Wealth, whose website notes it has $11.7 billion of assets under management, is hosting the inaugural event for its Women’s LEAD – leadership, excellence, achievement, and diversity – initiative at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto tonight with a roster of feature speakers. It aims to support the empowerment of female advisors, partners, client, and communities. About 350 people have registered, and Skipp is excited that it’s also including some Olympians, female entrepreneurs, both budding and experienced, and future women leaders.

Nicola will hold a similar event in Vancouver on June 2, and 200 are already registered for it.

“The end game is really to create a large female empowerment community,” said Skipp. “We’ve got corporate resources, so Nicola Wealth truly thinks that this is a gift that we can give to our community. What we can do is advance females in our community. I feel, as a corporate citizen, that we’re in a space that allows us to host these platforms to be advocates for these initiatives.”

Skipp, who began developing the idea about a year ago, plans to launch two more events this year and add some development workshops – perhaps for leadership, finance, or strategies for young mom – next year, so both men and women can support women in building connections and developing female talent. The firm is also developing digital content to profile women, which they can then use for their own social media promotion – and she can see advisors providing this opportunity for women clients, too. Skipp’s excited about what her passion project could mean for women advisors and employees inside Nicola Wealth as well as in the community.

“We’re really at the beginning stages of this Women’s LEAD movement,” said Skipp. “We want to foster a community dedicated to celebrating women, empowering women, and helping women further develop in whatever stream that may be for them. We want to lift women up and see that unfold. So, I’m very excited about the event.”