Conquest unveils powerful AI tools to elevate financial planning

Conquest Planning Inc. launches SAM INSIGHTS and Ask SAM, revolutionizing financial plan efficiency and insights

Conquest unveils powerful AI tools to elevate financial planning

Conquest Planning Inc., a technology platform modernizing financial planning with customized and convenient advice, has announced the latest iterations of its AI-based strategic advice manager (SAM) with SAM INSIGHTS and Ask SAM.

Financial advisors using SAM can now build detailed, flexible financial plans quickly and accurately. The new enhancements include INSIGHTS, which identifies problems, opportunities, and achievements specific to a plan, and Ask SAM, a Command and Query feature.

“With SAM INSIGHTS, we’re taking that one step further by empowering advisors to identify gaps and opportunities in clients’ plans to provide an even more robust client experience,” said Ken Lotocki, chief product officer at Conquest Planning.

The SAM INSIGHTS feature allows advisors to create financial plans more efficiently and effectively, providing deeper plan analysis.

INSIGHTS leverages AI to improve plan quality by providing proactive warnings when plans are no longer on track and prompts advisors to highlight planning opportunities such as insufficient insurance or new strategy considerations.

Ask SAM, the Command and Query feature, enables users to navigate the application, ask questions about a plan, and search for a report or strategy via voice and text. In the future, advisors using Conquest will be able to ask the application to summarize plans into a digestible takeaway for clients.

“Our mission from day one has been centred on providing advisors with a scalable solution to efficiently build adaptable, personalized plans that evolve with end clients’ changing life circumstances, goals, and risk tolerances,” added Lotocki.

SAM INSIGHTS permits advisors to delve deeper into clients’ financial plans by generating insights and revealing opportunities in estate planning, education planning, retirement planning, and more.

Plan projections can span up to 60 years, enabling advisors to revisit plans on a recurring basis and adjust in real time to stay aligned with clients’ objectives. The new features also include a “SAM Score” that allows advisors to provide an on-demand holistic health check on the plan.

“Advisors want to spend less time managing planning applications and technology, and more time serving clients and solving their complex financial challenges,” said Ainslie Simmonds, president of Pershing X.

“‘Hands-free planning’ and navigation within the Wove platform is just the latest example of Conquest Planning’s ability to design offerings that increase advisor efficiency. We’re proud to have Conquest as a financial planning software provider on our Wove platform.”

Conquest’s CEO Mark Evans commented, “The days of ‘trial and error’ planning are over. Advisors deserve dynamic, modern solutions that can help them provide actionable advice and reveal hidden opportunities to better demonstrate their value to clients.”

Evans will perform a live demo of the platform and the new SAM features at Pershing’s INSITE 2024 conference held in Nashville, Tenn., on June 4th-6th.