10 ways to optimise video calls with clients

Practice management expert provides crucial checklist for connecting virtually with ideal prospects

10 ways to optimise video calls with clients

Our world has changed in many ways this past year, from a world of lunch meetings and drinks to virtual networking. You may have remote working down to a fine art but it’s easy to let things slip.

WP has teamed up with Grant Hicks, of Advisor Practice Management, to provide a checklist for advisors when working with remote video. At the heart of his checklist is making sure your set-up is as professional as possible, and having the content well honed in order to dazzle prospects.

Here are 10 things to consider before your call:

1, Set up your workspace with minimal distractions (easier said than done) and make sure you have a professional-looking background.

2, Test all of the functions and features so you know how to navigate the calls, and guide clients and prospects through the process of connecting with you. Remember, this is your chance to impress.

3, Set up proper lighting and background so it looks and feels professional. Can I see your face well? Wear darker colours as photographers recommend this when doing professional photoshoots.

4, Make sure you have the best possible internet speed. Investigate ways to get faster internet speed, such as hardwired cable versus Wi-Fi, closing all windows before doing online calls, and getting a faster router.

5, Make sure you have an HD camera, good sound and microphones for the best quality experience. Noise-cancelling headphones and a hands-free microphones are recommended.

6, Before the meeting, tell your clients and prospects that you will call them to make sure the technology is set up on their end properly. Don’t expect them to know how to use the computer setup.

7, Consider recording the meetings, with clients’ and prospects’ permission of course. This is the perfect time to improve your conversations with clients by listening to the discussion.

8, Engage them in the call by asking them to take notes. Tell them that you are doing the same and will send a brief summary after the call. You can do goals conversations online and have the client write them down as you go along.

9, Do have compelling offers for prospects? If so, do you have a script to use to deliver these offers online? Practice your script with a friend or colleague before calling or setting up a video conference with ideal prospects. Meeting them online through professional-quality video will speak volumes compared to their financial advisor who is doing e-mail and phone.

10, Do you have a professionally designed presentation material such as PowerPoint or another platform (approved by compliance of course) to share with ideal clients and prospects. Is it just words or is it emotionally engaging with pictures? Video conferences should have a video of you, a share-screen function for discussion points and noise-canceling audio for the ideal client experience.