Evolve launches Canada’s first AI fund with Boosted.ai

Discover the future of investing with ARTI, Canada's pioneering AI fund by Evolve and Boosted.ai

Evolve launches Canada’s first AI fund with Boosted.ai

Evolve Funds Group Inc., known as Evolve, has officially announced its intent to introduce Canada’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence Fund, aiming to revolutionize portfolio construction using generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In collaboration with Gradient Boosted Investments Inc., referred to as Boosted.ai, Evolve has filed the final prospectus for the Evolve Artificial Intelligence Fund, abbreviated as ARTI.

This actively managed fund is set to leverage a database created by Boosted.ai to fulfill its investment strategy, focusing on companies at the forefront of AI adoption worldwide.

Raj Lala, the president and CEO of Evolve ETFs, shared the company’s journey towards establishing a pure play AI ETF, highlighting the pivotal role of Boosted.ai’s proprietary large language model (LLM) technology in curating a portfolio of leading AI enterprises.

This collaboration is seen as a strategic move to complement Evolve’s portfolio of disruptive technology ETFs, offering Canadian investors unparalleled access to the burgeoning AI sector.

Boosted.ai’s LLM technology plays a critical role in identifying companies that are likely to benefit from the widespread adoption of AI. It analyzes securities from developed markets involved in AI development or those whose business operations could significantly improve with AI integration.

The technology’s capability to understand, interpret, and generate human language allows it to perform complex tasks such as text composition, document summarization, and detailed text analyses.

Joshua Pantony, co-founder and CEO of Boosted.ai, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Evolve to launch this innovative ETF, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI.

Boosted.ai’s partnership with Evolve, a leader in Canadian innovation with funds focused on cybersecurity, cloud computing, and the Metaverse, aims to provide Canadian customers with an opportunity to invest in the transformative effects of AI on global markets.