Conquest Planning takes on the UK market

Canada's most cutting-edge financial advising technology set to drive more effective advice delivery to a wider range of British clients

Conquest Planning takes on the UK market

Conquest Planning, which has reinvented the financial advice delivery experience by equipping thousands of advisors with new tools for faster plan building, is making inroads into the U.K. market.

Over 90% of the British population has traditionally lacked access to a financial plan, as great planning has always been reserved for the wealthy. By allowing firms to efficiently scale finance advice delivery across a broad spectrum of clients in virtually every phase of their life, Conquest is set to help change that.

In its existing markets, the company’s platform has proven successful in raising customer engagement by removing ambiguity surrounding goal attainment, as well as deepening client relationships through guidance offered in a hyper-personalized digital output.

This interactive method improves advisor and client experiences while also assisting organizations in providing better service to their customers.

Mark Evans, Founder, President & CEO – Conquest Planning, stated, "After tremendous early success, modernizing advice delivery for over 15,000 advisors in Canada, we are excited for the opportunity to bring Conquest Planning to the UK. When building Conquest, the ability to support multiple geographies was a priority as access to financial advice is a global challenge." 

"Our AI approach to advice provides financial advisors with a powerful, yet intuitive platform to build and manage financial plans. Consumers in the UK have a greater need for advice than ever before, and we intend to empower advisors to efficiently deliver upon that need," he added.

Conquest's main differentiator is the Strategic Advise Manager (SAM), an AI-expert system that streamlines the advice process by doing away with the inefficient and erroneous trial-and-error method that has historically been used to create financial plans.

SAM allows advisors to focus on customer collaboration by leading them to the optimal financial plans for the client. This allows them to serve many more clients more holistically.

Dr. Mark Evans raised $3 million from a few key investors after launching Conquest Planning in 2018, his second financial planning technology business after Naviplan.

The firm already has a number of significant collaborations and clients under its belt, and its sights are set on even greater heights.

Last June, Conquest raised $7.5 million in a new round of equity funding from its initial investment partners, Portage Ventures, IGM Financial, and Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, to help drive its growth through the following 12 to 18 months.