Clients can now prepare a will without leaving their home

LegalWills and NotaryPro unveil ground-breaking partnership

Clients can now prepare a will without leaving their home

LegalWills and NotaryPro Technologies Inc., two prominent online platforms, have announced an expanded relationship to make it simpler and easier for Canadians to draft, commission, or have their wills notarized. After launching in Ontario, the initiative will spread to all the provinces and territories. Users of LegalWills may write a Will and other estate planning papers using a user-friendly interface that considers their needs and preferences.

Users of NotaryPro have remote virtual commissioning access to a network of reputable, licensed notaries. For the first time ever, Canadians may design and commission their wills through a single service thanks to LegalWills clients' direct access to NotaryPro's Virtual Will Signing service via the LegalWills website. By removing the necessity for scheduling in-person meetings with attorneys or a trip to a commissioner's office, Virtual Will Commissioning has already saved Canadians hundreds of dollars in legal costs.

"We are thrilled to partner with NotaryPro to offer our users a more comprehensive and streamlined solution for creating and virtually commissioning their Wills," said Tim Hewson, CEO of Canadian LegalWills. "As a result, this will be the first time that somebody can prepare their fully legal document without leaving their home; which is important for anybody with geographic limitations or mobility challenges."

"We are excited to continue to grow our relationship with LegalWills to provide a complete online solution for a service as essential as Will creation and witnessing," said Robert Onley, CEO of NotaryPro. "This partnership represents our shared commitment to innovation, customer service, and providing the best possible experience for our clients."

Users of LegalWills may now receive NotaryPro virtual commissioning services straight from the LegalWills platform as of the date of the collaboration.

NotaryPro is the most notable supplier of in-person and online notary public and commissioner of oath services and one of Canada's fastest growing legal digital start-ups. Their online digital signature solutions provide clients with a simple, safe, and better notarization experience, and our notary discovery service connects clients with local, in-person notaries.