Evolve debuts U.S. high-interest savings account fund

HISU aims to provide investors with an alternative to conventional savings vehicles

Evolve debuts U.S. high-interest savings account fund

As cash alternative ETFs become an increasingly attractive product for investors, Evolve Funds has announced a new addition to the landscape of options for Canadians.

The firm has unveiled a U.S. dollar savings product with daily liquidity and a competitive interest rate.

The US High Interest Savings Account Fund is now trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HISU.U.

Evolve has also instituted a temporary 10-basis point (0.10%) reduction in the annual management fee for the fund. Through December 31, 2022, HISU.U's annual management fee will be five basis points (0.05%) plus any relevant sales taxes. This will increase the yield on investment for investors during this time.

"HISU is a great complement to our existing cash solutions which currently have over $1.2 billion in AUM," said Raj Lala, President and CEO at Evolve. "Cash continues to be an important component of a well-diversified portfolio. HISU will earn an attractive yield which will be calculated as the Fed upper rate + 0.20%, which currently totals 2.70%. Any future Fed rate increases will be reflected in the HISU yield."

Through its daily liquidity and monthly dividend, HISU provides investors with an alternative to traditional savings vehicles.

HISU is a low-cost investment option that offers a compelling yield and is anticipated to compete favorably with other USD high interest savings funds.

By investing predominantly in high-interest US dollar bank accounts, the investment goal of HISU attempts to maximize monthly income while protecting capital and liquidity.

HISU is available in Unhedged Class A Mutual Fund Units, Unhedged Class F Mutual Fund Units, and Unhedged Class I Mutual Fund Units, all of which are US dollar-denominated.