Mackenzie adds new fund to alternative investments lineup

Mackenzie Northleaf Global Private Equity Fund provides retail investors diversity in their portfolios through private equity

Mackenzie adds new fund to alternative investments lineup

Mackenzie Investments and Northleaf Capital Partners have announced the launch of Mackenzie Northleaf Global Private Equity Fund, further broadening the accessibility of alternative investments to Canadian retail accredited investors.

The fund primarily seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in Northleaf's global private equity program, which has been investing in private equity for over 20 years.

It will invest 75-80% of its assets over time in institutional private equity funds that invest across a spectrum of global mid-market private equity investments with high growth potential, including access to diversified portfolios of privately owned and managed companies through a combination of primary fund investments, secondary fund investments, and direct investments.

The remaining assets of the fund will be predominantly invested in Mackenzie Private Equity Replication Fund to promote liquidity.

"The Fund enables retail investors to expand their investment universe beyond publicly-traded equities," Michael Schnitman, Head of Alternatives, Mackenzie Investments, said in an interview with Newswire. "The number of privately held companies far exceeds that of public companies and therefore represents a broader opportunity set that has largely been accessible only to institutional investors. We believe access to institutional quality private equity can help strengthen investor portfolios."

The fund's structure is appealing to qualified retail investors, and incorporates monthly appraisals; a minimum investment of $25,000; no strict lock up on assets for a specific amount of time; frequency of monthly purchases; and frequency of semi-annual redemption.

"This new offering presents retail investors with an exceptional opportunity to diversify their portfolios, as private equity accounts for the largest share of the private market investment space with an impressive history of strong, risk-adjusted returns," Schnitman concluded.

The fund's launch represents the Mackenzie Northleaf strategic partnership's fourth private markets offering. It joins the Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Interval Fund, Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund, and Mackenzie Northleaf Private Infrastructure Fund.