Digital asset platform MeetAmi completes $29-million seed round

Firm gets funding to accelerate development of technology for advisors to transact and manage digital asset portfolios

Digital asset platform MeetAmi completes $29-million seed round

MeetAmi Innovations Inc, a Fintech company formed to assist wealth management organizations in navigating the world of digital assets on behalf of their clients, has announced the completion of a $29-million seed round of fundraising.

This fund will help advisers transact and manage Digital Asset portfolios faster by accelerating the development of the technological platform and functionality they need.

Private International Consulting, an independently controlled multi-family-owned European investment office, provided the finance.

"The team at MeetAmi has built enterprise solutions and a strategy to bridge the issues that traditional finance organizations face with this new world of Digital Assets," Jason Reid, PIC's CFO, said in a statement. “We're delighted to assist the company in its expansion and continuous development of tools and products to aid investing in this asset class."

Amid a great wealth transfer estimated to see over $68 trillion in assets switch hands, advisors are noticing an increase in client demand for direct ownership choices for digital assets.

“We saw the gap in the market for traditional wealth advisors to connect to the fast-paced world of Digital Assets,” Hashim Mitha, MeetAmi’s CEO and co-founder, pointed out. “For the last two years, we have been building the MeetAmi family of products - AmiPro, AmiLearn, and AmiServices, as well as the team to be well positioned to support the growing client demand we are seeing in Canada and the US.”

The AmiPro wealth management platform from MeetAmi assists businesses in de-risking the process of investing in digital assets.

Meanwhile, the AmiLearn platform and AmiServices division support businesses and advisers in developing their Digital Asset practice, meeting their fiduciary responsibility, and meeting their competency standards in order to confidently invest in and supervise client portfolios that include Digital Assets.

“Their clients are actively investing without them, and we only see those numbers accelerating; MeetAmi is at the forefront of transformation within Fintech that will forever change how advisors invest in all sorts of emerging Digital Assets," states Sarah Morton, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder, MeetAmi. "We are thrilled to be funded to execute on this vision and open up the world of DeFi to advisors from learning to liquidity."