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The benefits of responsible investing

An-Lap Vo-Dignard of National Bank Financial speaks about his company's duty to help clients 'do well while doing good'

WPTV Special: Being part of the solution, not the problem

After NEI Investments was named a WP 5-Star ESG Funds provider, we spoke to John Bai, SVP, Chief Investment Officer, about the growth of responsible investing and why it decided to bring these solutions to Canadian investors

5-Star ESG Funds

We highlight the fund providers that are going above and beyond with their approach to RI

Canadian panel to discuss greenwashing at online event

Major banking and investment industry representatives will join a public roundtable hosted by the CSA

WPTV Special: The benefits of responsible investing

By focusing on ESG, An-Lap Vo-Dignard and his team have done well for clients while also making a difference. His work was recognized at the recent 2021 WP Awards where he won the NEI Investments Award for Advisor of the Year - Responsible Investments

The rise of responsible investing: What’s in store for 2021 and beyond

Get an expert overview of the ever-evolving area of responsible investing and how you and your clients can be part of this trend

ESG investing on its way to becoming the norm, says award-winner

Advisor was an advocate before returns became attractive and believes the industry has a duty to educate

Why advisors should not be afraid to make RI personal

Clients will walk away if you don’t have a compelling ESG proposition, warns NEI National Director

Establishing the 'true north' of your responsible investing practice

NEI Investments National Director, ESG Practice Management, explains how advisors must look within to find the purpose that will not only drive your strategy but connect with clients

How to create an effective RI strategy that aligns with clients’ expectations

Asmita Kanungo, National Director, ESG Practice Management, NEI on how to align your portfolio construction methodology with your practice’s purpose