NEI Investments boosts impact offering with new funds

The firm has also announced some changes to existing funds including revised asset mixes

NEI Investments boosts impact offering with new funds
Steve Randall

Toronto-based asset manager NEI Investments has launched some new funds to boost its offering in the fast-growing impact investing space.

The four new funds enhance the firm’s existing portfolio of responsible investing options in which it specialized with more than $10 billion in assets under management.

Among the new funds is the NEI Canadian Impact Bond Fund, a Canadian fixed-income fund, managed by Addenda Capital which has a strong focus on impact investing.

John Bai, SVP and Chief Investment Officer at NEI Investments, says that launching funds like this is an important part of the firm’s commitment to responsible investing, which has seen exponential growth in recent years.

“Just a few years ago, the impact universe was nascent, but today impact strategies represent trillion-dollar opportunities,” he said. “As the opportunity set continues to expand, impact investing solutions can now represent both core and complementary roles in any investment portfolio.”

Impact Portfolios

The other three new funds that have been launched make up a suite that the firm is calling NEI Impact Portfolios.

These fund-of-fund solutions include new asset allocation portfolios optimized for risk, return, and impact: NEI Impact Conservative Portfolio, NEI Impact Balanced Portfolio, and

NEI Impact Growth Portfolio.

NEI Investments will manage these funds which will invest mostly in NEI impact funds along with third-party ETFs.

Along with the new impact bond fund, Bai says the launches move the needle on the firm’s RI opportunities for investors.

These new solutions reflect our ongoing commitment to investing responsibly, extends our industry leading shelf of retail impact investing solutions and give investors the opportunity to achieve their desired investment outcomes while also making a positive impact with their money."

Fund changes

NEI Investments has also announced changes to some of its existing funds.

The NEI Canadian Small Cap Equity Fund will be managed by Hillsdale Investment Management from August 1, 2023, or thereabouts, which will mean some changes to the investment strategy of the fund set out in its prospectus.

And there will be some asset mix changes for several of its funds, effective June 29, 2023, to reflect evolving economic outlook and market conditions.