Dillon Garabedian, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Dillon Garabedian, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Senior Investment Advisor
Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Age: 26
Years in industry: 6
Certifications: PMT, WME                         

Growing up just outside of Manhattan with parents who worked in foreign exchange, Dillon Garabedian developed an early love for finance naturally. Now thanks to the contributions he has made and the reputation he has created, he finds himself on the 2019 Young Guns list. “I really didn’t decide to get into the finance industry at any one point in time; it always felt like a bit of a given. What has really kept me in the business for the past six years is the connection I feel with my clients while helping them through all of life’s stages, whether it’s helping younger clients save for their first home or focusing on capital preservation for clients in the later stages of retirement. I find these relationships immensely rewarding.”  

While many young advisors see the challenges that come with their age or years in the industry, Garabedian uses it to his advantage. “In a way, I believe that being a young advisor has more advantages than challenges,” he says. “Younger advisors are starting out in a finance world that is more transparent, more client-oriented and, in my opinion, much more mutually beneficial to both client and advisor. While it’s true that you may not land your ideal client the minute you start off, this will force you to strive to better yourself and your cliental.”

Now, as a partner, Garabedian is on track to continue helping clients reach their goals. “Our office truly embodies the meaning of putting your client first. We have a strong centre of influence which allows our clients to work with like-minded professionals such as lawyers, accountants and mortgage specialists whose ethics, values, and commitment to their clients’ best interests mirror ours.”