Aaron Migie, Financial planning advisor, Assante Wealth Management

Aaron Migie of Assante Wealth Management is part of the Wealth Professional Canada Young Guns 2018

Aaron Migie, Financial planning advisor, Assante Wealth Management

Financial planning advisor
Years as a financial advisor: 12
Certifications: CFP, FMA

In Aaron Migie’s view, being a successful advisor comes down to eliminating headaches for your clients. “Clients are looking to be led by someone who can provide a philosophy, a plan and a good experience,” he says. “Clients want us to show them how they can achieve their unique goals while also simplifying the complexities of personal finance.”

Performing that task can be stressful, and there are certain aspects of the job that frustrate Migie daily. “The amount of time that’s taken up by administration takes away from precious time spent discussing clients’ goals, money habits and their family’s wealth plan.”

That said, Migie would like to a see similar level of rigorousness applied to the certification process. There are a host of designations available to those wishing to become a financial advisor in 2018, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing, he explains. 

“I believe Canadians would benefit if we had a uniform designation that was required to provide financial advice – CFP is one designation that comes to mind.” 

Migie would also welcome a greater drive in the industry to attract new talent, which he believes could be addressed through better marketing.

“I think that a stronger recruiting program, coupled with longer paid training, would go a long way to attract quality candidates to this industry,” he says. “This is a fabulous industry to be a part of and is rewarding in so many ways. We need to do a better job of getting the word out.”