Victor Godinho of Pangea Personal Financial Planning is part of the Wealth Professional Canada Young Guns 2016.

President and financial planner
Pangea Personal Financial Planning

The millennial generation is often criticized for lacking maturity and a sense of responsibility. Tell that to Victor Godinho, who, at the ripe old age of 24, is approaching veteran status already. (In fact, this is his third appearance in a row on WP’s Young Guns list.) Of course, that’s not surprising when you consider that the Toronto native has been calling the shots since he was a teenager.

“I finished high school very early, so I was working full-time in management roles by the time I was 16, including with one of the largest pharmacy chains in Canada,” Godinho says. “After that, I worked with a boutique firm in Toronto for a few months, but I realized I wanted to go out on my own, so I started my own firm, VTAG Financial Group, when I was 19. That was in 2012, and we ran until 2015, when we merged with Pangea.”

While advisors and investors both tend to fall at the older end of the spectrum, Godinho realized there was a gap in the market for those born after the 1970s. VTAG Financial Group was the result, and he carries on its MO today with Pangea.

“I started VTAG for young professionals seeking financial advice, and many of those clients I still have today with Pangea,” he says. “Younger clients are tech-savvy and like to keep up-to-date with what is going on using social media. At the same time, their lives are too busy to be making investment decisions on their own, so that’s why they engage our firm to seek professional guidance. One of our advisors can then oversee their money as they concentrate on their main career and building that wealth in the first place.”

As one of the new generation of financial advisors, Godinho has some ideas for modernizing the industry and making it more productive for clients and those who guide them.  

“We need a greater transition to a more technology-based industry,” he says. “In the investment space, with regard to updating funds or accounts, it’s all very heavy on paper, so I think it would be much more efficient to move to an online-based system.”