Rosemary Horwood of The Horwood Team, Richardson GMP is part of the Wealth Professional Canada Young Guns 2016.

Investment advisor
The Horwood Team, Richardson GMP
Rosemary Horwood’s choice of career has always seemed predestined. The daughter of esteemed investment advisors John and Rebecca Horwood, Rosemary wasn’t surprised to find herself following them into the family business. 

“Officially I have been in the investment industry for four years,” she says, “but unofficially it’s been since I was born into a family of investment advisors and had the ability to stuff envelopes.” 

Being part of an advisor family will only get you so far, however, so the requisite training for the role came in the form of a BA in economics and business at the University of Waterloo, where she was nominated for co-op Student of the Year on three occasions. 

After completing her degree, she joined the Horwood Team at Richardson GMP, which, over the years, has developed a reputation as one of Canada’s most established and respected advisory groups. Since then, Horwood has built a name for herself as 
a well-regarded advisor in her own right, creating a niche serving healthcare business owners, medical professionals, affluent women and investors with sophisticated needs involving multiple properties and businesses. 

Horwood’s burning ambition to establish her own reputation, as well as further her family’s, remains as strong as ever. “I want to create a multi-family office to continue Horwood’s legacy of creating and conserving wealth by serving my generation’s most successful entrepreneurs and their families,” she says. “I’ve always enjoyed a challenge.”