Ronald Chui of CIBC Wood Gundy is part of the Wealth Professional Canada Young Guns 2016.

Portfolio manager and investment advisor
CIBC Wood Gundy

For Ronald Chui, the chance to see the world was a formative experience, from both a personal and a professional perspective. 

“I had a great period of my life when I took a leave of absence for six months, travelling from India to the Philippines and then to Barcelona,” he says. “Travelling gives you a personal experience that you can relate to clients. For example, India – I was there, and I know the infrastructure needs it has. That’s much more valuable than just reading about it or watching on the news.”
Chui has developed a reputation for building his clients’ portfolios and navigating them through often stormy economic conditions. 

“I focus on the core side of my business – on the indexes, but with low volatility for my clients,” he says. “I don’t necessarily subscribe to the irrational behaviour of having to sell; in fact, often we buy during corrections. I tend to look more at the big picture.” 

This policy has served him well, allowing him to build an AUM of more than $100 million in 
the three years since he switched into portfolio management. 

“A lot of my clients are retired spenders that are using their own money,” he says. “Most are fixed income, so I have a downside protection principle, and I offer alternative investments for clients. One of my portfolios is called Global Core Plus, and it has done very well. It is all ETFs, and it’s made up of low-volatility Canada, US and international stocks. The rest is healthcare and consumer staples; it’s very diversified, and it has outperformed my own personal benchmark.”