Sean Wheeler, The Wheeler Team/IG Wealth Management

Sean Wheeler, The Wheeler Team/IG Wealth Management

Senior financial consultant/division director
The Wheeler Team/IG Wealth Management
: 34
Years in the industry: 10

In just a decade in the wealth management industry, Sean Wheeler has risen to impressive heights. He has been a top performer in his region, province and across the country in multiple financial planning categories, while also being one of the most successful directors at IG Wealth Management.

At the beginning of his career, Wheeler found it challenging to overcome his age and showcase his knowledge. “I was 24 when I started in the industry and looked much younger than that,” he says. “I am acutely aware of the perception that some clients can have when it comes to age. Along with the perception of a lack of experience and knowledge, I would say it is potentially getting harder with the compression of fees. It is more difficult to get to a point of establishment in order to continue to be competitive.”

Wheeler has no problem standing out today, though, and his goal is to be the go-to financial planner in his area. “I plan on being the name of financial planning in my city, as well as the place people come to find financial peace of mind for the whole of Southern Alberta,” he says. “I plan to continue to be a driving force to expand the influence of our office to many other communities surrounding Medicine Hat.”