Kalee Boisvert, Kalee Boisvert Financial Services/Raymond James

Kalee Boisvert, Kalee Boisvert Financial Services/Raymond James

Financial advisor
Kalee Boisvert Financial Services/Raymond James
Years in the industry: 12

A finalist for the Young Achievers Award at the 2020 Wealth Professional Awards, Kalee Boisvert attributes her success to the trust she’s built with her clients. “It’s all about the relationship and how we show up to serve our clients,” she says. “It’s about building a long-term, lasting partnership. We must take the time to really listen and set the course together, and deeply understand their goals and dreams and their concerns. Being a partner means keeping our clients constantly in the loop and performing our tasks with complete transparency and open communication.”

Boisvert was drawn to wealth management by her love of numbers and a Grade 7 stock market assignment, but what cemented her path was a more personal experience. “What solidified my desire to pursue a career in this industry was witnessing the financial struggles my single mom endured when I was growing up,” she says. “I knew I wanted to do my part to put an end to money-related stress.”

Today, Boisvert has been able to build her business and complete her MBA while being a single mom herself, something she takes great pride in. She’s also passionate about supporting female investors and improving the financial literacy of children. “I am working on getting my children’s picture book series published, which is about a young girl learning about money,” she says. “As well, I plan to build a team of like-minded women advisors to create a go-to place for women to get investing support and gain confidence about their money.”