John Iaconetti, The McClelland Financial Group/Assante Wealth Management

John Iaconetti, The McClelland Financial Group/Assante Wealth Management

Financial advisor
The McClelland Financial Group/Assante Wealth Management
Years in the industry: 4

A finalist for the Young Achievers Award at the 2020 Wealth Professional Awards, John Iaconetti was inspired to become a financial advisor by a desire to help people. “I believe a career is more than just a pay cheque,” he says. “It is how can you use your skills to give back to your community. I became a financial advisor because it allows me to use my strengths to help those who need it most.”

A lack of financial literacy, he says, is one of the biggest obstacles for people looking to manage their money, as well as an industry in need of young talent. “I think the biggest challenge is how little financial literacy is covered in the education system,” he says. “If there were a greater focus to teach children and teenagers at a grassroots level, more of them would develop an interest at an early age and pursue it in post-secondary school. I take responsibility as an advisor to ensure that I can educate my clients on all financial matters. Our jobs should not only be providing advice, but educating our clients to ensure that they understand why we are making our recommendations.”

For Iaconetti, helping clients achieve their financial goals is paramount – “whether that be buying a home, retiring or paying for their child’s education,” he says. “There is no greater feeling than playing a role in helping someone achieve their dream.”