Jessica Keus, Bonten Wealth Management/Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

Jessica Keus, Bonten Wealth Management/Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

Investment advisor
Bonten Wealth Management/Wellington-Altus Private Wealth
Years in the industry: 3

Jessica Keus has always had a passion for financial education, creating relationships and providing advice. When she met her mentor, Laurie Bonten, Keus bid her career in retail banking goodbye and signed on to help Bonten further her mission to create the best female-led practice in Canada.

Keus sees the relationships she’s built with clients as her biggest success. “Recently, I was stunned by someone sharing through their social media the emotional impact I had on her family,” she says. “Taking the time to build on financial literacy with her children brought up all kinds of emotions when it came to her family’s financial goals. This initial step of including the entire family made a large impact. Starting early and instilling your financial values with young children and preparing them for financial independence facilitates the important conversations around money.”

Keus plans to use social media to continue nurturing those relationships. “This is where people will hear and review us, which is why I strive to develop an approachable and relatable platform that helps educate and motivate others,” she says. “It’s time to pay attention to the voices coming to us. No one wants to be told what to do – people want their voices to be heard and to be involved in their decisions.”