Blake Corey, Venn Wealth Partners

Blake Corey, Venn Wealth Partners

Venn Wealth Partners
Years in the industry: 11

Blake Corey’s decision to enter wealth management was cemented when he met the partners of the firm where he began his career. “I knew I could learn a lot from them and that they would support me in what I was trying to accomplish,” Corey says. “Because of them, I have built relationships with people in the industry, garnered awards and recognition, and [was] pushed to ask questions around what I want from this career to grow as a professional.”

Now, as the CEO of Venn Wealth Partners, Corey is taking what he’s learned and putting it into practice. “I think what makes a successful wealth professional is the ability to communicate the abstract in a clear and concise manner to clients,” he says. “Technical knowledge, education and industry understanding are prerequisites. The ability to apply those things to what matters most to your clients’ outcomes is what truly sets a person apart.”

Corey recognizes that the wealth management industry has reached a point where many clients are looking for integrated services, which is why his goal is to create a model that resembles a multi-family office. “As people have increasing options for managing these things, the onus will be on us as professionals to deliver outcomes and experiences beyond what we thought possible in the past,” he says.

Company name: Venn Wealth Partners
Head office address: Suite 70 - 550 WT Hill Blvd S, Lethbridge AB, T1J 4Z8
Phone number: 403-388-3595