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Years in the industry: 5

Having just turned 25, Chelsey Chartren is one of the youngest members of this year’s Young Guns list. Her youth hasn’t stopped her from finding a place at the table at one of Assante Capital Management’s top-performing advisory teams. Personally managing $9 million of The McClelland Group’s $400 million AUM, Chartren has risen through the ranks at a fast pace, and she has every intention of continuing that climb heading forward.

As someone who is relatively new to the industry, Chartren is well placed to comment on why financial advice isn’t a career many of her generation consider. “There hasn’t been much innovation, and it may be portrayed as an ‘old-school’ job,” she says. “The industry has been making some steps in the past few years to become more tech-savvy, but continuing to improve in this area will definitely help.”

Anyone coming into the wealth management space this year will be entering a business in a state of flux. Regulatory change is by no means finished, and if anything, it will likely to ramp up in the coming years. This isn’t something that concerns Chartren, who believes anything that increases accountability is clearly a positive.

“Unfortunately, the history of the financial industry has given it a bad rap,” she says. “All these new regulations being put into place will hopefully clear the air and move our industry in the right direction in terms of disclosure and ensuring that our clients are well educated. There are still a few things that have slipped through the cracks even with the new CRM2 regulations. We will continue to see more and more regulations being put in place to ensure advisors are completely transparent. Our office has fortunately been fee-based and completely fee-transparent since 2004, so we will be happy to see these changes in years to come.”

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