50. Tom Gilman, Harbourfront Wealth Management

50. Tom Gilman, Harbourfront Wealth Management

Practice: Gilman Deters Private Wealth
Firm: Harbourfront Wealth Management
Location: Victoria, BC

Thomas Gilman earns the number 50 spot on this year’s list thanks to $30 million in AUM growth over the last year. Gilman has always been motivated by a desire to educate others and help them develop the financial skills he believes many are lacking.

“As a young adult, I felt grossly unprepared to manage the financial decisions life threw at me,” he says. “I remember my mother sitting at the dining room table, often late into the evening, with a large ledger book, tracking all the family finances. I always assumed that she must have learned those skills from school. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the public school system had failed to provide me the skills for such a crucial component of life. I wanted to learn about finance, but more importantly, I wanted to spread that knowledge and use it to help others. As a result, our approach as advisors and portfolio managers is very educational. We strive to demystify what many people feel is very complex and intimidating subject matter.”


Company name: Harbourfront Wealth Management
Head office address: 1800 – 1055 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 3P3
Phone number: 604-558-6824
Website: https://gilmandetersprivatewealth.com/